Crush your sales quotas. Consistently.

You’re assertive, confident, a problem-solver, a champion of sales. You use Whalr, your personal superpower.

Whalr surfaces intel to organize leads, develop opportunities, and identify opportune timing to close in, so you can focus on doing what you do best.



Like you, Whalr is vigilant, multitasking, competent, competitive, and always on.


Find out what’s hidden.

Instantly surface 25% more sales-qualified leads with Whalr.

Whalr knows what you don’t.

As a top sales professional, you need to know who your customers are. Some products will help you track demographics and patterns. But Whalr can tell you who’s ready for the close.

Sales intelligence just got smarter.

With only an email addresses, do you know who you’re speaking to? Whalr has the whole picture, and compiles and interprets data for you, uncovering opportunities you didn’t know you had.

Whalr gives you a more complete understanding of your targets with laser-precision sharpness, and notifies you when they’re primed for you.

Close the deal at the right time, with the right person — and do it faster.

Picture this:

Someone anonymously signs up for a product trial and tries a feature. Whalr surfaces valuable intel, like profiles and contact handles, as well as the likelihood of them buying, based on behavioral analysis. When other people anonymously sign up, Whalr tells you these people are connected, showing even more interest.  You’ve found a whale.

You go for it, and you close the sale with a whale.

Now imagine this scenario without Whalr:

Someone anonymously signs up for a trial of your product. You know nothing about that person beyond their @gmail address. You don’t have time to follow up on anonymous traffics, to find out if the lead is a valuable one. You spend time chasing other leads. If you’d had Whalr, you’d have known this was a big whale, but you’ve let it get away.

You’ve lost the whale, and you don’t even know it.


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