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Our Focus

B2B Sales is experiencing a major disruption now that buyers control the process. We want to teach teams how to excel at “try-before-you-buy” models for enterprise by leveraging data to sell intelligently and be 10 times more effective. Ultimately, this benefits the end customer, as they have a more concise, higher-value buying experience.  

Our Team

We’re enterprise salespeople who can code. Our team is a collection of world-class, quantitative people who are dedicated to fundamentally changing how enterprise sales is done. Our focus is on bringing you intelligence that helps you close the sale faster.

In today’s world, consumers have more control of the sales decision cycle, and are further along before they think of letting a sales professional into the process. But you need to be there and get in on the sales cycle at the most opportune time. How? Well, by letting Whalr be your champion sidekick.

Whalr offers opportunities, not just data. At a click, we bring you the power of big data so you have the information you need to understand who you’re talking to, whether you’re using Whalr as a plugin or as a stand-alone product.

Our team is dedicated to bringing you a powerful, easy-to-use product that lets you achieve selling success by finding and filtering relevant potential buyers and notifying you of the best time time to get that deal done.

Our Founders

Our founders have 20+ years experience selling and building enterprise platforms.
Together, they harness their experience to lead the Whalr team and deliver high-quality solutions.

Mitch Morando

Mitch Morando


Mitch has built many sales teams and always found new ways to leverage technology to make his teams more effective. Developing a methodology that results in sales teams helping their customers along the buying process instead of just trying to close them. Not a fan of the sales gong, Mitch prefers to embrace when customers get promoted. Ryosuke and Mitch worked together on several successful joint-ventures in the past.

Ryosuke Katsuki

Ryosuke Katsuki


Ryosuke’s motto is “virtually everything is possible”. Information-age leader, architect and the builder behind Whalr, Ryo has extensive experience building enterprise-grade platforms combined with a keen understanding of how to build agile, quick-iterating teams, realizing new ideas and bringing them to the market. Ryo likes to solve problems in unique ways using means inside and outside the virtual world. Always at the core is solving the customer’s core pain.

Contact: 115 Sansome Street, 7th Fl, San Francisco, CA 94104   |   +1 415 483-2297   |   [email protected]

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