Powerful, easy-to-use intelligence

Identity Intelligence

Equip identity intelligence, and land leads. Increase your qualified leads by 300% or more. Use Whalr to open up your lead funnel and acquire more interest. Whalr automatically researches and validates every interest for you. All you need is an email address: from it, Whalr gives you the information you need to understand your buyer. Get more info than you would from a business card. Install the plugin to seamlessly integrate identity intelligence into Salesforce.com. Uncover hidden leads by unleashing Whalr on your existing lead funnel–and instantly increase sales-qualified leads by 25% or more.

Contextual Intelligence

Harness contextual intelligence, and expand opportunities. Take data one step further and get contextual intelligence from multiple data sources. Whalr gives you circumstantial information on leads, helping you adjust your buyer-specific strategy and tactics. Learn more about your potential buyer, and reduce the uncertainty of the lead. Discover unexpected, concealed, or hidden facts, links, and relationships. For example, get notified when your champion moves to another company. Capture group activities, measure group interests, and rally around common goals to develop a bigger opportunity. Align your sales team’s strategy, tactics, activities, and efforts with knowledge that changes the sales game.

Behavioral Intelligence

Master behavioral intelligence, and command revenue. Put the power of Whalr behind you and become a champion sales professional. Whalr identifies winning patterns in the sales cycles, then surfaces maturing hot opportunities. A self-learning machine, Whalr is always several steps ahead. Your product features, business process, and systems are constantly changing: nothing phases Whalr. In a state of flux, Whalr tirelessly identifies patterns and opportunities, automatically picking up and measuring data of unexpected and unplanned events. For Whalr, responding to the unknown is a norm. Get Whalr, and get ahead, far beyond what you could imagine.

Intel available via SFDC, email or API.

*25 identity intel/day accessible via SFDC. Contact us if you require more during the pilot.

Moneyball for sales professionals.

Don’t waste your time, digging around for information only to discover it’s a low-potential sales target.

Arm yourself with the power of data, without the hassle of figuring out what it means: simply get notified when a whale is surfacing.

Whalr allows you to focus on what you need to do to be successful.

  • Toggle Whalr on to surface intelligence for buyers who are ready to be converted.
  • Explore the opportunities that lay hidden behind a mountain of data.
  • Instead of focusing on little fish, use Whalr to zero-in on attributes that show ability to pay for enterprise software: the exact number of employees in a company.

Start crushing your sales quota.

Whalr’s behavioral model surfaces freemium / premium accounts that are ready to be upsold to Enterprise. Magic.

Saum Partovi

VP Sales, Sensor Tower

Whalr is a great solution for ABM. Know who’s signing up from key accounts, even if they’re using their Gmail.

Charlie Liang

Director of Marketing, Engagio

Whalr’s behavioral intel identifies hot sales opportunities, helping our team prioritize upsells and exceed our quarterly goals. Moneyball for sales.

Jeremy Giffon

VP Growth, Flow

Whalr’s unique data is a key to our ABM strategy.

Joe Schwarz

VP Marketing, BigPanda

Whalr’s team and platform are like having a data science team specifically focused on Revenue (Sales & Marketing).

Clint Schmidt

CMO & COO, Bloc

Whalr is surfacing intel we wouldn’t otherwise see to help reduce our sales cycle.

Kyle Wild

CEO, Keen IO

Be a Whalr.

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