Convert data you already collect to intelligence,
and hypercharge your sales.

Whalr’s solution offers action-oriented intelligence on your leads—not statistics to decipher.

Transform your sales process with strategic information that Whalr surfaces.

Use this knowledge to filter, identify, and understand your leads.

Whalr gives you the knowledge that you don’t have, and so your sales team can work in the reality of your customer’s situation and increase sales-qualified leads.

Whalr brings you intelligence so you can close, faster, and more often.

  1. Find leads and get organized.
  2. Develop opportunities.
  3. Identify the best-suited opportunity to close.

Sales is a science. Not every customer behaves in the same way: if you don’t customize the conversation for your whale, you’re missing a big opportunity.

Instead, connect with the people who are ready to hear from you.

Time to master the science of sales. Be a Whalr.



Convert data to identity intelligence.

Increase your knowledge and build a more complete picture of your prospects in real time. Have the right data automatically sorted and combined, ready for you to use. Identity intelligence generates qualified leads and expands your sales pipeline.



Convert data to contextual intelligence.

Contextual intelligence gives you a data-backed story that transforms data into insightful, real information. Give yourself a better understanding of your prospects’ stories. Rally around common goals and develop opportunities.



Convert data to behavioral intelligence.

Leverage powerful intelligence that gives you sales signals at the most opportune time. Experience a self-learning machine with behavioral intelligence that’s always ahead. Never let another hot lead or another opportunity go unnoticed.

Transform your sales process

Whalr captures sales intelligence across channels and platforms, and integrates seamlessly as a plugin into  At a glance, you’ll see the high-value leads and opportunities, so you can act quickly to close the sale.  Instantly determine in real time who’s a value lead for best results.

Whalr’s speed and consistency break down the bottleneck in your sales process, researching and validating leads, then building a fuller picture of your most valuable leads, and analyzing when’s the best time to move in.

Know who your buyers are, know when they are ready to buy, and know what it takes to convert them into sales. Work together using strategic intelligence that aligns your sales team with a clear goal, and arms them with just the right amount of knowledge of their leads.

Don’t just respond to leads – create customers!

Let's crush quotas

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